IT Security

The hospitality industry is especially at risk of cyber-attack because of the amount of personal and financial data stored and the relative wealth of customers. Cardonet practice security by design. We ensure all the disparate and revenue-critical technology used in a hotel is deployed in the most effective, secure and resilient way possible.

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Our CCTV systems’ design and installation service help you improve your on-site security. Our vendor-neutral approach ensures we source and select the best system for you, whether for security, surveillance or site management.

Cardonet’s clients can rely on:

  1. More than 20 years of experience and expertise that has gone into the design of our security processes
  2. Proactive, enterprise-grade monitoring software that is up day and night to alert us to any potential threat
  3. A team of engineers who receive continuous education to ensure they are aware of and able to respond to the evolving cyber threat
  4. Backups and a disaster recovery plan to ensure minimal interruption to business in the event of an attack.

With Cardonet IT Support & Solutions, you are in safe hands.