Why Choose Cardonet

It’s our mission to exceed your expectations of what an IT support company can do for you. Here are 10 reasons you choose us.

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1. Quite simply, the best service you can imagine.

We are on a mission to exceed client expectations. We go the extra mile to make sure our clients are happy, and they are; throughout 2016 we averaged a 98% customer satisfaction rating.


2. We don’t want to sell you hardware.

We are genuinely vendor neutral. We can advise you on the most appropriate tool for the job, then source it for you or tell you where you get the best price for it. Whatever you choose, we ensure our team are trained to support those tools and systems. Which is not as common as you think.


3. No “Account Managers”.

When we started in 1999 it was just our two Managing Partners rolling up their sleeves, carrying out the work themselves and building strong relationships. We have a much bigger team now but our Partners have retained high-level management of all clients, which means you get director-level support and consultancy always.


4. We work when it’s most convenient for you.

We believe our clients pay us to avoid disruption, not to cause it. That’s why we are 24x7x365 and work when it’s most convenient for you, not for us. If carrying out maintenance or upgrades during the day will negatively impact your business then we’ll do it at night or at the weekend.


5. We don’t charge extra for out-of-hours work.

Not only will we work whenever is most convenient for you but we do it at no extra charge. We believe that’s unique in our industry.


6. We speak your language.

We know that most people don’t speak ‘techy’so our team speak Plain English … or Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian or Hebrew! We recognise a multinational workforce needs a multinational support team so wherever you or your staff are from, the chances are we will speak your language, and never techy!


7. We’re incredibly agile.

Being independently owned and not having layers of management means we are able to respond quicker than most of the competition. We think this is essential for busy professionals who want things done quickly. Having a central London office helps with that too!


8. We take responsibility.

Cardonet’s clients don’t dread calling the service desk because they know the individual at the end of the line and can be confident that they will take ownership and resolve the issues. We know that most people find IT incredibly frustrating, and that calling the Service Desk is not an exciting prospect, so we only recruit engineers that pass our entrance exam, ensuring even our newest team members have the technical skills to support.


9. Our team.

From the minute they begin their career at Cardonet, we strive to support our engineers to grow both professionally and personally; funding highest industry standard qualifications, providing regular training, and ongoing coaching. We think you’ll be impressed, which is why…


10. You can try us for free.

No strings, no catch. If you are thinking of changing your IT services provider, we will give you a day’s worth of consultancy completely free. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love working with us.


"The service I've received from Cardonet is nothing short of first class"

Colin Shaw, Mitre Court Hotel